Tips on Negotiating With Car Salesmen
Tips on Negotiating With Car Salesmen

Tips on Negotiating With Car Salesmen

Car salesmen are infamously difficult to negotiate with. They’re trained to make sure that they get as much money as possible for the lowest value of vehicle possible.


In this article, we’ll give you a few of the most important things you need to understand during these negotiations. We’ll also let you know what you can do if you want to avoid negotiating with the salesman entirely.


Do Your Research Before Going To the Dealership

The first thing you need to keep in mind when entering the dealership is this: the salesman’s job is to get the most money from you as possible. For this reason, you can’t rely on them to guide you through the negotiating process. You need to arrive knowing as much as you can about the vehicle you’re looking at.

  • First, this will allow you to negotiate from how much the vehicle cost the dealership, as opposed to trying to negotiate less than the sticker price. This is a much better opening gambit.
  • As well, it will allow you to determine what a “good deal” for the vehicle really is. If you’re unable to get the deal you want from one dealership, you may find more favorable pricing elsewhere.
Don’t Let The Salesperson Tell You You Can’t Negotiate

It’s very rare that you’re not going to be able to negotiate a vehicle’s price. The salesperson’s job is to sell as many vehicles are possible, so unless you’re looking at something in incredibly high demand, some salespeople will tell you that leases can’t be negotiated on, but they’re not going to turn down a sale. In truth, this is really just a negotiating tactic they’re trying to use to get you to accept a sub-par deal.

Don’t Be Afraid to Leave the Dealership

Sometimes, negotiations can feel like a challenge of endurance. This can be especially problematic if you’re excited to get the vehicle or you’re thinking about everything else you need to do in a given day. When you start feeling tired, keep in mind that there’s no deadline by which you have to get the car. It’s a good idea to leave the dealership and come back the next day to ensure you’re able to negotiate properly. Even better, this shows the salesperson that you’re willing to leave the dealership if you don’t get the deal you’re looking for. Whereas you don’t have deadlines, the salesperson will have specific quotas they want to meet. The salesperson might ask you to put down a deposit to “hold” the vehicle. In the vast majority of situations, this is unnecessary, and simply another negotiating tactic.

Need Help Negotiating Your Luxury Auto Lease?

We understand how difficult it can be to negotiate with professional car salesmen. Many of them have significant training and experience designed to get you the lowest-quality deal possible. That’s why it can be worthwhile to have professional negotiators on your side. If you’re interested in leasing a luxury car that has all the features you want at the price you deserve, you can reach out to us at (248) 859-0009.

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